Don’t Get Good At Things You Hate

A recent episode of This American Life (#598: "My Undesirable Talent") told the stories of people who had become really good at things they regretted. One of them was a guy named Zora, born to Ugandan parents and raised in Fresno, who went off to college and pretended to be an African exchange student. He did a whole Coming to America Eddie [...]

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Why Writers Need to Think Like Entrepreneurs

Old books on a wooden shelf. I sat next to a woman at a lunch recently who heads up the magazine publishing program at NYU, and she said the students are, understandably, feeling down about what they see as bleak prospects in magazine publishing—simply because those seats are becoming fewer and fewer. It's easy to interpret [...]

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How to Ensure Your Pitch Scores

I had my first scrimmage of the season yesterday for the touch football league I'm in (yes you read that right). Gorgeous, sunny day in Prospect Park. New team t-shirts. Feeling good. During one key play (I can't use football lingo because I don't speak football), I ran for the end zone. I had that spidey [...]

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Why You Should Watch More TV

I wish I watched more TV. Fact is, I'm usually late to the party: I started Lost several seasons in. I began Six Feet Under when it was, well, already six feet under. I binged Breaking Bad just in time to watch the last season (worth it). And forged through Game of Thrones from a standstill last summer. Same [...]

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What “I Should Write a Book” Really Means — and Why You Want It

The desire to go big hits people in very different ways. Some people have always seen themselves in the spotlight and won't rest until they are on the set of the Today Show. But for many others it starts smaller, humbler. Like, "I should write an article and pitch it as a guest blog," or "Maybe I'll [...]

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Does the Idea of Selling Yourself Make You Sick?

I get extremely motion sick. Literally, in anything that moves. Bus, boat, airplane, New York City cabs, regular cars (sometimes when I’m driving), and yes, even the train, that gentle old aunty of land travel. Some people take lip balm with them when they leave for the day; I pocket a few loose Dramamine. In [...]

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How to Make Your Work Matter

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, there's one thing I know about you: You want your work to matter. Even, or especially, if you're afraid it doesn't. Maybe your boss or clients heap praise on you. Maybe they don't say a damn thing. But you want it to be good, and you want [...]

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The Real Definition of Entrepreneur

Let's face it: There's nothing sexier than describing yourself an an entrepreneur. It's like a hot leather jacket that everyone is trying on for size, including me. If it's not a fit, maybe you like this simpler style, called solopreneur. Or maybe this tiny little handbag, called micropreneur instead. Or, this briefcase-slash-diaper bag called "mompreneur." [...]

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Your Job is to Be a Magician (Like This Guy, Kind of)

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at It's not every day you have your mind blown. I was in Vegas last week giving a talk to a group of (very) sober HR execs about why HR needs a serious brand overhaul (admit it, it does). And at the cocktail party they had this [...]

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